Mobile Number: 647.992.2516
Office Extension: 133
Education: Doctor of Medicie (M.D.), B.Sc. (Biology)
Professional Designation: M.D.
Years of Experience: 1
Number of Claims: 2

Paul Bharaj

Sr. Consultant

Paul Bharaj is a dedicated medical doctor with a commitment and passion for his patients and the field of medicine. He is an expert in his field of laser and cosmetic medicine. Dr. Bharaj has undergone extensive specialized training in cosmetic and anti aging medicine. Dr. Bharaj has served as a medical director for various clinics and as president of his own medical clinic for over 10 years. He is a member of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS). He has a wealth of knowledge in his industry of medicine and cosmetic science along with a foundation of a BSc. in biology. He has appeared on television discussing various cosmetic procedures and is listed in the World’s Directory of Who’s Who based on his expertise and specialty in cosmetic medicine and the cosmetic industry. Dr. Bharaj attends medical education conferences world wide, providing his patients with the latest advances in the art of medicine. He has been an active participant in many charities including leukemia and prostate cancer. He is an avid musician and sportsman and holds a black belt in martial arts. In his spare time, he enjoys racing sports cars, travelling and spending time with his family.