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The rules that govern the SR&ED program are complex from both a science and a tax perspective.  Science requires the identification of qualified activities and preparation of the technical submission.  Tax requires knowledge of the changing and complex rules, identification of qualified expenditures and the preparation of the appropriate tax schedules.

ResDev Tax Consultants Inc. combines the unique skill sets of SR&ED science specialists with SR&ED tax specialists.  This partnering allows for easy collaboration throughout the SR&ED claim process, including the initial assessment of activities, the preparation of the claim and representation during a CRA audit.

ResDev offers a complete range of SR&ED consulting services, including:

  • Identification and documentation of qualifying SR&ED activities;
  • Identification of qualified expenditures and preparation of supporting schedules;
  • Completion of the Technical submission for the corportate tax return
  • Completion of the Financial Schedules for the corporate tax return.
  • Participation in CRA audits
  • Filing CRA Appeals
  • Filing appeals to Federal Tax Court

In addition, we assist in the implementation of proper documentation procedures to track SR&ED activities and expenditures. AS well we Provide you tools to assist in tracking and documenting your SR&ED claim.

We breathe new life into your business

ResDev was incorporated in 2002. Staff is seasoned. The majority of the team is comprised of ex-CRA employees or consultants. Our team members have over 100 years of combined experience and have audited over 10,000 claims. These claims range from small CCPC’s to large multi-nationals that are the largest companies in their respective industries.