About Us

ResDev stands for Research and Development and the atom logo represents areas of science. Together they represent ResDev’s focus on Scientific Research and Experimental Development, or SR&ED as it is commonly referred to.

ResDev prepares SR&ED submissions on behalf of their clients. Since this our main focus, we are able to focus 100% of our energy on preparing the claims and staying current on SR&ED program developments.


Our vision is to become recognized as the pre-eminent
SR&ED tax consulting provider in Canada.


Provide seamless SR&ED consulting services


We always strive to exceed our clients expectations and provide the best service we can.


Attract and retain industry professionals with extensive experience


At ResDev, we assess the eligibility of activities, prepare technical reports and related tax schedules and defend submissions to assist our clients in the filing of their SR&ED claims. Our goal is 100% client satisfaction by obtaining the maximum entitlement under the program and reducing their risk, by preparing claims that meet the program criteria.

We breathe new life into your business

ResDev was incorporated in 2002. Staff is seasoned. The majority of the team is comprised of ex-CRA employees or consultants. Our team members have over 100 years of combined experience and have audited over 10,000 claims. These claims range from small CCPC’s to large multi-nationals that are the largest companies in their respective industries.